Star Search

Worth so much more than a dollar.

The Picture Inspiration prompt that fell during our week of vacation was Shoot for the Stars. My friend, Jen, gave us a tip that sand dollars could be found during low tide so on a couple of occasions we went searching for the the fragile little (dead) creatures. The first one that I found was crushed from me trying to pick it up out of the waves. The second fared much better.
Star flower

It seems that the shore is the perfect place for Queen Anne’s Lace though they can be found most anywhere but along the shore they garner much more respect. I’ll have a few more images of QAL to share.

Starfish rescue

Another fun find were starfish which were also found at low tide. This one we rescued from the shore and placed in a tide pool. I shot this with my film camera using Lomography film.

Question for my WordPress friends or any other blogger… these images are cut off on the righthand side. I host using Flickr and didn’t do anything different than I did with the previous post as far as utilizing the size of the image. I most often post a 1024X683 which these images are as well as the images in the previous post but now they are being chopped off which is not good at all. Ideas? (Still haven’t figured it out and just resorted to smaller images)


5 thoughts on “Star Search

  1. LOVE these! The Queen Anne’s Lace shot is particularly stunning.

    For folks who may not know, only pick up dead sand dollars. Live ones can be in shallow areas at low tide and are simply waiting for the tide to return. Live sand dollars will have fuzzy spines and appear velvelty. A dead one is smooth, without any spines, and the details of skeleton can be seen more clearly. The skeleton is fragile and will shatter at the slightest pressure. The one pictured above is dead. Oh to be that lovely when dead!

    • Yes, this post is now looking very odd indeed. The images were displaying ‘normally’ when I posted my comment, but now they are ENORMOUS and cropped on the left side.

      WordPress works in mysterious (frustrating) ways!

  2. The girls and I love hunting for sand dollars, but don’t usually find them. I love that first photo.
    I can’t imagine what odd thing could be going on with the size/crop of the photos, but this does make me wonder a little bit about my comment from the other day about them looking so big!

  3. Broken or not, the sanddollar is still beautiful! I found a couple small ones years ago when we vacationed in Corpus Cristi, and I have them framed in my bathroom (goes well with the seashell wallpaper in there that was there when we moved in.)
    The last shot looks interesting… almost like snow covered rocks.

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