Polaroid 420 Land Camera

Polaroid fun

Back in June I visited an antique shop looking for something totally different than an old Polaroid camera but this is what I found. A mint condition Polaroid 420 Land Camera for $25 that I couldn’t resist. Intact with instructions, flash and cold clip for developing when temperatures dip below 65 degrees all I needed to do was find film and a battery. The film proved to be the easy part. I just did a Google search for film for this particular camera and was instantly rewarded. And since I still had my $75 gift card to B&H Photo for being a finalist in Pioneer Woman’s action theme it was the perfect set up. The battery on the other hand was difficult. I Googled and went page by page looking for someone who stocked the battery and when I did find it the battery was just as much money as the camera. I found instructions on how to retrofit for AA batteries but that would require some filing of the plastic case to make it fit and I couldn’t bring myself to alter the camera in that way. It took me several weeks to justify the battery purchase.

Polaroid 420 Land Camera (color)

Once I got the battery the fun began. My first experiments were on our vacation. I did waste several shots in my excitement to see the results then forced myself to read the directions. One of my faults… I dive in and try to figure things out myself when if I just read the directions in the first place I’d save myself a lot of time and sometimes money. Chances are, at this stage in my life, that won’t change. Once I got it working I was just a little giddy with excitement.

Polaroid 420 Land Camera (black and white)

I still need to learn how to frame the photo correctly without chopping off heads. Also, I need to figure out the best way to get them on to my computer. These shots were taken with my iPad. Funny that the originals were taken with the Polaroid then again with the iPad and finally uploaded to my computer. Next I’ll try scanning.

The kids and their friends find it fascinating since all they know is digital. “You mean the image comes right out of the camera?”


6 thoughts on “Polaroid 420 Land Camera

  1. What a great find! I’m glad you decided it was worth getting the battery 🙂
    I used to have a polaroid, too, when I was a kid… wish I had hung onto it. I really like the way you displayed the pictures.

  2. How fun! My parents have albums FULL of Polaroid shots from family vacations, birthdays, holidays and special ‘moments’ from when we were kids. How nice that you can impress your kids with this relic! 🙂

  3. Wonderful!

    to answer your question on Shutter Sisters today, I scan all my Polaroid photos. I scan them in the best quality possible, and sometimes process them on Photoshop (contrast, brightness, curves, etc.). hope this helps!


  4. Fun!!! I remember receiving a Polaroid camera for my 14th birthday (but not as old as that one, LOL!) and just loved it – so did all my friends. The film was expensive though – so getting to take pictures was a treat.

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