In the Bag


This week the prompt for Picture Inspiration is, In the Bag. At first I thought it would be odd to photograph a bag but when I gave it more thought I came up with a couple things that would be fun to document. I tote this backpack to all Red Sox games where they attach these bands after a security check which usually finds only my Canon and possibly a rain poncho.


Whether it be hip or not I require a bag that lets my hands be free. Then there’s the shopping bags that I always try to remember to bring into the store…

I may get in a couple posts today, as long as we still have power. So far Irene, as expected, is a lot of rain and periodic gusts of wind.

2 thoughts on “In the Bag

  1. Cute backpack! I’m with you on the bags, I have a hard time remembering to bring them into the store, too…. if I remember to take them out to the car!! Although I don’t use them at the grocery store, I opt for paper bags there, and then use them for our recycling (we don’t have to sort the recycling, and have a different colored trash bin for recycling, so the paper bags are perfect)
    And YES, I need a hands-free purse, too!

  2. Oh, I so hope you don’t get any damage from Irene. You have really had it this year between the tornado and the hurricane. That is not supposed to happen in the same place. Hope you and your family stay safe.

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