Maine Driftwood Necklace

Driftwood Necklace

While in Maine I did a little beach-combing for driftwood. I was looking for a specific size and density. As luck would have it I found 10 or so pieces. The inspiration for this necklace came from a very similar design that I found online.

Driftwood Necklace #2

I made this one for myself, dismantling a bracelet that had seen better days I reused the beads. And, although I’m not a Texas Longhorns fan I am familiar with their mascot. That was not the intention with this design. I just liked the unique look to this piece of driftwood, all of the other pieces in my collection are straight.

Driftwood Necklace #3

I won’t be listing this piece in my shop, Rejardin, since the design wasn’t my original idea but if you’d like a Maine Driftwood Necklace with a length and bead color of your choice just email me at rslaflam{at}


5 thoughts on “Maine Driftwood Necklace

  1. Not a fan either, but yup, that’s what it reminded me of!
    Shoot… should have brought some driftwood back from Michigan. A nice big piece to display somewhere, but nooo, had those petoskey stones on our minds instead 😛

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