Good friends

Morning music

A weekend spent with “old” friends.

Each Labor Day weekend a large group of friends, having origins in Burlington, VT, descend upon our life. It’s a fun-filled weekend of chatter, laughter, bocce, Wiffle ball, Nerf gun battles, fingernail painting, chess, food!, drink!, ping pong, XBox, movies, hikes, dog walks, jogging, scooter riding, reading, trampoline jumping, Scrabble playing, music playing, fire pit stories, etc. It’s time for us to celebrate or bemoan the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. Also, to enjoy a care-free weekend forgetting (at least trying to) the responsibilities of daily life.

A weekend discovery… did you know that the game Gnip Gnop is ping pong spelled backwards?

Linking up with Paper Heart Camera for her “Stairs” challenge.

Photography love...


4 thoughts on “Good friends

  1. Looks like you’ve been playing with Instagram again!
    It does sound like a wonderful weekend – and that’s pretty cool about gnip gnop, never realized that before!

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