Pickity Place, Part 2

The Drying Shed at Pickity Place


As we made our way out of the gift shop and into the lush gardens we stumbled upon the Drying Shed, and true to its word it is an actual drying shed with herbs on shelves and hanging from the rafters.


We meandered through the gardens amongst the bees and butterflies.


Pleased to meet you!

Bow and Curtsey.


Spent flowers with a little added texture.

Little Red Riding Hood's Path

Can’t you just imagine Little Red Riding Hood skipping along this path? Hopefully she doesn’t trip.


But, alas, all we saw was this black and white cat who was on a mission of his own.

When you ask a stranger for a favor...

I am grateful for this beautiful day, at this beautiful place, in the company of my favorite ladies.


6 thoughts on “Pickity Place, Part 2

    • Michaela – nope this isn’t a place for the picky! One more reason for you to come northeast. You and Tracy and Becky and I could have a wonderful luncheon there together!

  1. Becky – I love seeing Pickity from your perspective! I’ve been going for a couple years now, so it is really nice to see it through fresh eyes. You had a much sunnier day to go than I did. I’m planning a post from my visit on Sunday – it was a very overcast day.

  2. The pictures are absolutely stunning. *Sigh.* Can’t wait to experience this beauty firsthand I’m already planning a girls’ trip there, with my cousin, aunt, sister, and mom for some pre-Thanksgiving fun. πŸ˜€

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