Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, Monson, MA (Part 2)

Old Soldiers

To continue the walk from yesterday’s post, as we ambled along Main Street, we were invited onto the property of a very old Victorian house. It was part of the old Monson Academy which was established in 1804 and closed in 1971. According to our photo walk host, prior to the June 1 tornado, many of the townspeople did not know of the existence of this particular house as it was surrounded by dense trees. It has a very prominent location on Main Street and there’s no mistaking it now. The tornado unveiled a gorgeous property in need of a lot of tender loving care.


These old cars were lined up on the property. I’m not sure if they have been there a while or were a new addition. I’d like to think that they’d been there for many years only to be rediscovered when the tornado blew through.


Old and Older


Victorian architecture


Color amid the destruction

Behind this section of the house you can view the hill and the path of the tornado. Shot from this angle the tornado would have been coming right at me.

Glorious color on an otherwise dreary day


Because care to the property has been on the structure itself, the yard has taken on a life of its own which is where I found these beautiful “weeds”.

My favorite photo in this batch and my second favorite overall is the window.

There will be one more post regarding the walk. And, yes, the theme of yesterday’s post was fences (but I liked Karma’s creative, “Through the fence”).


7 thoughts on “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, Monson, MA (Part 2)

  1. Oh how sad… the destruction AND the Mercedes “graveyard”. I’m surprised the hood ornament is still there, people like to snap those off and steal them .
    These are great shots! The house is beautiful. I want to win the lottery, buy it, and restore it.

  2. I noticed this house as I was driving through Monson. Is it set on the right near the church in the center? The old cars are amazing! I wish someone would restore them. That danged tornado!!!

  3. Wow great shots of the old house, can you imagine the stories it could tell, along with those cars!! It’s too bad that tornado did such damage, but hope someone steps in to refurbish!! Also glad it stopped raining so you could enjoy the walk.

  4. What a wonderful place that house could be with some TLC. It looks like just the kind of place my hubby would love to revamp if we had the time and money.
    Glad you liked “through the fence” πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, my! What an awesome place to explore!! LOVE the first shot of the line of old cars…what a treasure trove! So curious as to the story behind this place. How did it get into such ruin? The architecture is incredible. Any opportunities to photograph the inside?

    Monson was so hard hit by the tornado and the scars still remain. It is nice to see that amongst all that destruction, some beauty has been revealed.

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