Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk (Part 3, final)

Barber on Main

This last post will mostly be of the architectural details along Main Street. Buildings in ruin, in repair or with little damage.

Fenced destruction


These two shots are of the Holmes Gymnasium which, according to the host of our walk, was one of the very first gymnasiums built in the country. Part of the former Monson Academy. A truly unique and beautiful brick building it was decapitated by the tornado. I’m not sure whether or not it will be repaired.

Old gymasium

The old gymnasium

This gymnasium sits right next to the Holmes Gymnasium and was built to replace the smaller building. Just prior to the tornado there were plans to renovate and re-open as a new business but the tornado put a stop to that progress. I’m pretty sure she told me that there is no insurance on the property.


I love the woodwork on this porch.

Panes (pains)

Perhaps this was an old train station? It has the look.

Flowers align this porch

The gardener in me admired these pots aligning this porch.

Monson Library

The beautiful Monson Library seen through the grasses.


I loved the opportunity to attend this photo walk capturing images that without the walk would never have happened. I’m looking forward to next year and, in the meantime, I’ll be on the lookout for others.


3 thoughts on “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk (Part 3, final)

  1. I am not a religious person, but I got a real chuckle from that last shot. Like Tinkham Rd in our town, Main St in Monson seems like a foreign land these days; what was once so familiar, no longer is.

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