Mixing it up


I’ve decided to give Yoga a chance. I’ve tried it a couple times before but it just wasn’t the right time or place. In an effort to x-train for the 1/2 marathon in May I’ve added Yoga and Pilates to my current exercise regimen. Much to my surprise I am loving Yoga. The stretches feel so good! Funny thing, though, all my life I’ve been told by people shorter than I that I don’t take full advantage of my long legs and that I “should” be able to be longer and stretch deeper because of them. This Yoga instructor feels the same way. Ouch!


I’m also trying to focus on my breathing as a means to concentrate and relax. I’m taking it out of Yoga class and applying it to situations where I could use a little bit of both.


8 thoughts on “Mixing it up

  1. First, I love your shoes!! 🙂 I am envious about the yoga and glad you are doing it and liking it. I love yoga but just don’t have time to do it now (in a class) because my boys are still so young, work schedule, etc. Running is still the most convenient for me right now. Some day …

  2. Becky Sue, I have noticed that your comment posting name isn’t linked to your blog so you are probably missing out on visits. It’s easy to fix:

    Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings. Scroll down to the ‘website’ box and put the full address of the blog in there. Save.


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