Decoupage pumpkins


Inspired by this post. When I saw these cute pumpkins I thought they’d make a great, easy project for the kids. And with my Mom visiting it would be fun for all of us to do together.

Let’s just say that the goal of our project was to not look like the inspiration pumpkins. I was involving an eight and eleven-year-old, this was not about perfection.

I found camouflage napkins for boy 1 and baseball napkins for boy 2. My Mom used tissue paper, the kind you stuff in gift bags, and I used both napkins and tissue paper. I HIGHLY recommend tissue paper, it’s thicker and is applied much easier. I would not use napkins again as they are usually double layered and can come apart, they are also thinner and can get mushy. The foam pumpkins were purchased from Michael’s craft store.

We also found that as you applied the paper on the bottom and then set the pumpkin on the surface they would stick and tear so we found that placing them raised on a glass stand solved the issue.

This is really going to date me but I can’t see or say Mod Podge without thinking and saying Hodge Podge Lodge.

10 thoughts on “Decoupage pumpkins

  1. What a great idea!! And honestly? I like yours much better than the inspiration pumpkins (those look just a little too perfect, kwim?)
    I love carving pumpkins, but we haven’t even bought any this year. Not sure if we will or not.

  2. Wow – way more crafty than I could ever think about being, LOL.
    I know you only have a few years on me but I have no recollection of Hodge Podge Lodge! Maybe it was something local from where you grew up?

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