Famous last words


“Does not bode well” and “5 inches” HA! Snowtober brought us 14″ and 3 days (so far) without power.


Nighttime temperatures dipping below freezing and waking to an indoor temperature of 53.


Makes us thankful for a fireplace.


My birches have seen better days. 😦



The kids have found various entertainment.


Even Stella has made the best of it.


My headlamp has come in handy for the third time this year. You may remember that we lost power for several days in June when a tornado blew through town and then again with “microbursts” in July. Losing power in the summer is much more tolerable than losing it when the temperatures are so low. It hasn’t been a good year in our town to be a tree. We’ve lost thousands all combined.


Sadly Halloween was cancelled. They didn’t want kids being electrocuted or hit by falling branches.


A couple things that I didn’t know or hadn’t realized… a gas hot water heater still makes hot water without electricity so we could still shower and wash dishes. Also, a gas cooktop can be used to boil water for coffee as well as heat a couple rooms although we didn’t let them burn long as we were afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Word on the street (or Facebook) is that power will be restored by this evening. Fingers crossed.

Disclaimer: this is published from my iPhone so apologies if it’s all wonky.


5 thoughts on “Famous last words

  1. Aw, Becky, you guys got slammed! So did my parents and two sisters, with lots of trees and branches down. Looks like the middle of winter out there. Scary times. I do hope you get your power back soon. I know I would be so lost without electricity.

    Fantastic photos. Stella cracked me up! Hugs. 🙂

  2. Sure does look beautiful, though. I’m crossing my fingers that power WILL be back on today, and you get to spend tonight in a toasty warm house. I’m glad you at least had hot water (we have a tankless waterheater. It heats with gas, but needs electricity to turn on) and a gas stove to cook a hot meal.
    Sad for the kids that Halloween was cancelled.

  3. Stopped over from Shutter Sisters. I am just dumbfounded with the snow you received. And that you got the images and posted them. Nothing can stop you! I hope you’re getting power back very soon and that your gratitude lights the way for a long time to come. Have to say, I simply adore the photo of your dog with the snowballs all over her. Priceless!

  4. Wow you did a great job posting from you iPhone! I tried from my Blackberry but it never went through. You’ve got some really unique shots here too. Very cool. The picture of Stella cracks me up! I don’t think my dogs got covered in those snowballs this time around because there is little room to romp in the yard with all the trees down. We have those headlamps too and have definitely made use of them this year. I have the gas water heater and cook top too, but had no way to make coffee – all of my coffee is in K-cups! Had to run to Dunkin over by WNEC on Monday to get a fix!

  5. That was early snow ! I like snow very much but not that kind of heavy snow, it destroys everything. The picture of your dog made me laugh ! So sad they had to cancelled Halloween. We just had our first snow, here in Canada (Quebec), 3 days ago.

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