Awestruck (by the beauty)


Sure there are plenty of negatives to share… cold homes, no running water, patience wearing thin (very thin)… but the beauty, THE BEAUTY! The day after the storm the skies were glorious! A deep blue offsetting the snow covered leaves, trees and landscape.

Two seasons in one

What made this a “perfect storm” for our neck of the woods was the perfect temperature. My sister in New Hampshire received 22″ of snow to our 14″ and she barely experienced a flicker in her electricity. The snow fell heavy and with the trees still laden with leaves the branches, limbs and trees snapped.


Saturday night, in the dark, I was sitting in front of the fireplace with the sliding glass door cracked for airflow when I listened to the most eerie sound, the limbs and trees cracking and breaking one after another. It sounded just like gunshots. We could even hear it while lying in bed with the doors and windows closed. Having no electricity everything is very still and quiet.


Three of the above shots are through the top of my white birch trees. A giant oak tree fell and landed on top of the beautiful birches bending them to the ground. Once the oak was cleared the birches recovered a little bit but only time will tell if they recover fully.


The remainder of the week daytime temperatures have hovered into the 50’s and sometimes reaching 60 so we’ve lost a lot of the snow. I’m hoping it all goes away in the coming days so I can do my fall cleanup.


7 thoughts on “Awestruck (by the beauty)

  1. You chose the perfect title for this post. These photos really are SOO beautiful! I can’t even pick a favorite, although the last one would make a nice holiday card.
    I’m sorry that (again!) you have all this clean-up to do. Hopefully the downed braches didn’t cause any more damage than you’ve already discovered.

    Glad you’re back! 🙂

  2. You described things so very well…for a moment, I was there with you, sitting in the dark, listening to the cracking branches amongst the silence.

    I do hope your white birches recover. Growing up, what made our yard unique was for all the white birch trees. Sadly, they are not a strong species and over the years, my parents have lost many, including one in this latest storm.

    The first image is stunning!

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