Dawn of a new day


One week ago today I took this walk down our street. It was so completely beautiful and at the same time so completely devastating.


A neighbor had appeared from somewhere and cut his way down the street to allow vehicles to pass.


Maples, birches, Bradford Pears (don’t ever plant these!), oaks, etc. toppled over, split and a mess.

Fall or winter?

My son, Casey, termed the phrase “Fwinter”. Best describing word ever.


There was still much beauty amid the rubble.

Bitter sweet


Alone but not afraid

This isn’t over for many people still without power, day 8! Last night it dipped down into the 20’s with inside temperatures after a week with no power in the upper 40’s. Many stubborn and determined homeowners won’t leave their properties. Let’s hope this gets resolved very soon.


14 thoughts on “Dawn of a new day

  1. I can relate. I live just south of you and spent six days without power. Our property was somewhat spared, probably due to our surroundings which protected it some. Most others were not as lucky. We were unable to drive out our road for several days and the cold and lack of power got pretty tedious. But it sure made for some nice photo ops!

  2. I “see” the images and still cannot believe how much snow you guys got! Oh, and all those downed trees! Hubby travelled to Chicopee this week and came back saying, “you just cannot believe all the damage.” Sigh.

    You did capture many beautiful images. It’s all about perspective, right? šŸ™‚

  3. I realize Casey was combining “fall” and “winter” with his Fwinter, but I have different feelings about winter weather that begin with “F”! šŸ˜‰ I can barely believe this is still going on.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos. I pinned a few of them. I especially love the lone leaf and the autumn turning to winter image. I can’t imagine living in that cold without power. But I’m envious of your season change!

    • Thank you! I wish there was a way to find out what images of mine have been pinned. Like if I put in my blog address it would give me all the pins associated with my blog.

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