Fall-ing behind

Fall leaves amid the beautiful winter bokeh.

This is my last post on that nuisance storm. The only snow that remains is where it was piled high in shopping center parking lots. I was even confident enough to put the boots and snowpants back into storage. There is still a ton of debris stacked along the roadways making travel challenging in places. A neighboring town is estimating that their clean-up has already cost them 6 million dollars.

A vision

On fire


Swingin' leaves



Can you see Stella’s little head? She sure does love the snow.


Often to Casey’s dismay.

2 thoughts on “Fall-ing behind

  1. I can’t believe how much snow that is!!! Wow! It does look absolutely beautiful.
    Love that single leaf in the snow.
    (You sure, putting the winter stuff back into storage was a good idea? It IS November! šŸ˜‰ )

  2. Stella the wild woman! Ha! That picture with Casey is too funny.
    About that storm clean-up – I read on the town website that our town was NOT going to clean up the debris from the storm from the tree belts this time around. Now I came home today and found all my neighbors’ tree debris has been removed! Mine is piled in the backyard waiting to be burned, darn it! I guess the neighbors knew something I didn’t.

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