Leaving home on Friday we got a late start which was a minor annoyance at the time but would turn out to be the most perfect timing for sunset in York, ME.


We went directly to Long Sands beach. I was on a mission to collect ocean remnants for a project that I’m working on which I will share once it’s finished.


We left Long Sands and drove the short distance to Nubble lighthouse. What we saw when we rounded the bend was eyes wide open, jaw dropping beauty. The lighthouse was taking a direct hit from the setting sun. It was illuminated.


Once in Portland we went in search of a good meal which isn’t hard to find just difficult to locate a restaurant with any seating available esp. on Black Friday. We lucked out and had an amazing dinner.


A morning walk along the waterfront.


A stop at the Falmouth Town Landing where I was wearing the latest beach attire.



A trip to Maine wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Freeport and LL Bean.



I even found the motivation to go for a jog along Commercial Street and the waterfront.


I had time to ponder this common trope.


Don’t tell my husband!

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