*Twinkle & Sparkle*


I’m still here, just floating in a sea of holiday cheer. When life gets overwhelming, this place, my blog gets quiet. Rest assured I’m still taking A LOT of photos. In fact, I’m participating in Picture the Holidays again. This year they upped the ante for anyone who participated in Picture the Holidays last year making them eligible for a free photobook from Paper Coterie. I’ll be making the photobook out of combined images from last year and this year.


By anyone’s standard we are behind on Christmas decorating but by our standards we are right on time.

My little elf

Casey is always a good sport with the decorating, my little elf.


We have neighbors up the street who pay someone to do their holiday decorating. It inspired me to wrap our front tree with these lights though, my husband tells me, that it looks like the Statue of Liberty so some tweaking will be necessary today.


I’m linking up with the lovely ladies at Mortal Muses who are running fabulous giveaways over the next several days. Today’s giveaway is for a gorgeous red camera bag.


5 thoughts on “*Twinkle & Sparkle*

  1. You’re not behind on decorating by my standards either. I decorated inside the house just last Tuesday, and haven’t done anything to the outside. Can’t find the wreath I have for the door (hoping it’s with the tree decorations out in the shed) and there’s no telling if hubby will get up the energy to put up our lights this year. And the tree… well THAT isn’t going up for another week or so.

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