He still believes

He still believes

He initiated the letter writing. It amazes me that he still believes, after all he is 11. I remember being told on the playground when I was 10. It is heartbreaking so perhaps he’s just playing along in the hopes that there really is a Santa. He doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, he told me so last year BUT he said he still believes in Santa. He’s never asked me outright like my 8-year-old keeps doing, because at age 11 I’m not going to avoid the truth by changing the subject when he asks.

On the above image I used a new texture from Kim Klassen who is offering a free texture to download each day until Christmas.

I’m also linking up with Mortal Muses for their theme, Believe.  Coincidentally this texture, cosmo, has the word ‘believe’ (see it in the top right-hand corner) in the design.


8 thoughts on “He still believes

  1. Oh this is just precious! My kids were hold outs for quite awhile…12 years old! But I loved it and was totally bummed when they didn’t believe anymore. A bit of the magic disappears when that happens.


  2. That is so sweet! Maybe he’s like Melissa? I think it was right around 11 or 12, when she KNEW that Santa wasn’t real, but she refused to not believe.
    And Sara…well, she’s a whole other story. She still believes in Santa, but she expects presents from Santa AND mommy & daddy (which we’ve never done, all the presents were always from Santa, except what family & friends sent). Since they were both with us when we bought Melissa’s present (too big to hide unless we stick in in the shed… and then we may never find it again LOL), she knows that Mel is getting something from us. So…. my solution was telling Sara that 15 is too old for Santa to bring them anything, so the parents have to buy the presents. She already knew that Santa only brings presents for kids.

  3. Awwww… it is cute. Hard to know exactly what they are thinking at 11. As you may remember, I work with 11-year-olds every day, and they do lots of things that remind us that they are still kids, though they are trying very hard to be grown-up. I’ll never admit anything about Santa if one of my students asks me. I had a chuckle at the “cold hard cash”!

  4. Whaddy ya mean, “Still believes?” Believes in what?

    OMG: You’re not implying that… that’s not possible. NO! AHHHHH SANTA IS REAL

  5. Awwww…. I hate to think of the day Aidan will come home and tell me that some kid told him Santa isn’t real 😦 I remember finding out when I was 8…. I pretended to still believe for my little cousin and I still got more presants 😉

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