Maine Frame

It seems that my crafty mojo has been all consumed by photography these days. I’m not designing and making jewelry which hopefully is just on hiatus but I am not running with the inspiration like I was a year or so ago. My desire to “make things” is on hiatus. However, I did have a quick and sudden urge to make something for a friend who had a tough time with multiple unfortunate incidents. She, like me, has a love affair with Maine though hers is much more subtle.

It started with an offer from this site, They have a deal a day on home decor items.  On this particular day back in November they offered Maine license plates and in my mind I pared that license plate with a display frame sold at the local Home Goods and photos from our day trip to Long Sands Beach in York, ME back in August.

Then, on our weekend getaway Thanksgiving weekend we stopped at Long Sands Beach and combed the beach for a few items that could be included in the collage. Lastly, I waited for my photos to arrive from PostalPix which is a super great app for printing Instagram photos.

Final assembly required utilizing a glue gun.

(She loved it)


6 thoughts on “Maine Frame

  1. Really neat idea! I want to escape to Maine, much sooner than my vacation next summer. What do you say, day trip to Marginal Way in Ogunquit when it starts getting warm out again? 🙂

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