Oh, joy!

Oh, Joy!

I finished the Christmas cards this week which is a week or so behind. Each year I feel that I must to do something creative and different from the previous year. Mostly it’s my own motivation but a couple of years ago a friend said that she loves our card and looks forward to what I come up with and that she keeps them in a photo album. And because of those words I challenge myself to come up with something new and different. This year I knew that I had to do something with my Instagram photos since I’ve taken so many and they really represent what we’ve been up to this year. With Intstagram’s popularity you’d think there would be all kinds of templates for holiday cards but there aren’t, at least not ones easily accessible. Finally, I did find one that was simple and connected directly to my Instagram account allowing me to drag and drop my photos into the available positions. One drawback was that the backside of the card was not customizable so I had to stamp a little festive design and sign our names to all of the cards. The first 10 or so were sacrificed, drowning via spilled milk. I showed much restraint by not cursing or crying then waited for the little cherub to be off to school before continuing with the project.


4 thoughts on “Oh, joy!

  1. How fun, to be able to get them printed! Are these just iPhone photos or iPad as well? I’m a little scared to try and print my iPad photos, because the camera doesn’t seem all that high quality.

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