The Nubbles

Nubble Lighthouse

Now that my parents are here visiting and won’t be reading their email I can post this photo. I took this shot on our trip to Maine on Thanksgiving weekend. My Mom (and Dad) have always loved the Nubbles. Believe it or not in all of my visits to Maine and living there for 5 years I had never seen this lighthouse in person (I think I admitted to this before in a previous post). We turned the corner in Cape Neddick to witness the most beautiful sight, the sun setting on Nubble Lighthouse (York, ME) illuminating it with the most amazing light and color setting up the perfect shot.

Nubble on canvas

I had this photo mounted on canvas by Paper Coterie and it came out fantastic! I highly recommend their canvas quality. I’m so excited for my parents to open this on Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas to all!


7 thoughts on “The Nubbles

  1. Gorgeous image! Would love to see this place in person someday! And Paper Coterie…love them! I’ve ordered 3 different types of items from them and all beautiful! Merry Christmas Becky-Sue!

  2. Great photo – I grew up in coastal NH, and have been there many a time. It’s a great place for photos – and in the summer, the little ice cream stand there has some pretty great (and humungous) treats!

  3. Have a very good time with your parents and family!!!
    I don´t celebrate it but I like to send my best wishes to all my friends who enjoy the season!!!
    Lot of love,

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