This poor, neglected space…

Lensbaby practice 2

Is in much need of attention. I’ve taken hundreds of photos and have many posts backlogged in my head that need to be released. So, I think, this will be a busy place in the next few days.

Lensbaby practice

One of my gifts for Christmas was a Lensbaby lens. It takes fun and interesting shots like the ones you see in this post but it has a learning curve and I’m only in the infancy stages. It will be fun to practice on this winter and then be proficient enough for fabulous flower shots in spring and summer.

Lensbaby practice

The challenge with the Lensbaby is the manual focus. With my other lenses, even when I have them set to manual focus, the lens will “catch” the focus points and the camera will beep notifying you that you’ve achieved your focus and it’s ready to shoot. With the Lensbaby it’s completely manual (visual) and there is no notification that you’ve found the sweet spot. After a few terrible and frustrating shots I found that I had to adjust my diopter. The diopter adjusts the focus of your camera for your eye.Β  Read more about adjusting your diopter here.

Hello, me.

This image and the next two are my third session with the Lensbaby and I can already see improvement.

Rain drops on

Here the raindrops are in sharp focus, you may have to click through to Flickr and then press ‘L’ to see it big.


These magnolia buds hold so much promise don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “This poor, neglected space…

  1. I’d love to get one of these lenses sometime in the future. They’re what really kick started my interest in photography. . . they take such interesting (and VERY cool!) photos! Congrats, and have fun playing with it!

  2. Yay! So happy to see some action on your blog again! πŸ™‚
    Those are some really great shots (second one makes me dizzy, though LOL). Lensbaby has several fun lenses, and I have a few on my wish list… someday! Right now, I couldn’t decide which one to get first.

  3. Oh such fun you will have. Tell me which Lensbaby you got and after using it for awhile how you like it. I have considered one, but never took the step. Loved your canvas that you gave your parents for Christmas. I received a gift certificate for Christmas for a canvas image. Now to decide what I want to put on canvas. Happy New Year, hope your year is grand!!

  4. Oh this is so cool!!! And thanks for the info about the diopter. Can’t believe I have never heard about that before! I’m a little envious of all the time you’re able to spend practicing and experimenting with photography, but glad to be living vicariously and learning from your journey. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m always learning something new from you and your blog!!

    The pictures you took with your new lens are fantastic and I can only imagine how much fun you must be having with it. And the shots of the magnolia buds are beautiful. The tiniest details really pop out. πŸ˜€

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