Display Your WORD


In the beginning of each new year it’s extremely popular in the photography and arts and crafts community to choose your word, the word that sets your intentions for the year. Examples of inspirational words are Soar, Up, Nourish, More, Learning, Believe, Simplicity, etc. I’m sure if you search the web you can find lists of these words. Last year my word was clarity. This year I have a few… Brave, Happy and Minimalist. I’ll share more about these words and why I chose them at a later time.

Today I wanted to share an easy project that you can do to display your word.

Crayola Air-Dry Clay (I found it at Target but I’m sure that it’s sold at Michael’s)
A glass bottle for rolling the clay (I happened to use an empty beer bottle but a soda bottle will do but make sure the sides are flat and not shapely)
Parchment paper for your surface
A knife
Plastic letter stamps (I’m pretty sure that mine were purchased at Michael’s… I’ve had them forever, sold alongside the garden stone making supplies. Make sure yours have the letter H as mine do not.)
A straw
String/ribbon for hanging

I placed a lump of the clay on the parchment paper, rolled it out to the desired thickness, stamped the letters, used the straw to make the hole in the top then used the knife to cut to size. For the last step I used a textured jewelers hammer to give the tile character. I also added a couple gouges with the knife. You could probably find just about anything around the house to add texture to the clay. It takes a few days to dry.

Peace and Joy

Your new piece of art can be sanded or painted. I like mine as is.



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