Becky's Angels

Becky’s Angels

This post is a bit of randomness. About how funny and totally random and insignificant things in a day can make life so interesting. About if you take the time and really look and listen those random things can become significant or at least fodder for family dinner conversation and laughter.

Before vacation ended I had a day spent with just my oldest son. We took a trip to Target.


While we were in the toothpaste aisle an older woman approached us, she was dressed uniquely and I had that feeling in my stomach, you know that feeling when you are approached by someone that looks a certain way and you just know that there’s no escaping? Obviously I was stereotyping. She holds up a container of blackberries to show us and exclaims about how wonderful they are and what a great deal. I tell her that I’ll be sure to pick up a container as they were huge and appealing. Then she says, “Do you like sharks?” Oh no, I’m thinking, here goes. She pulls out of her bag a gigantic Meglodon tooth from a prehistoric 70-foot long shark which swam the seas 1 million years ago. She showed it to us, let us touch it, and then she was on her way. Griffin said, “That was random”. It kills me when he says that, especially the expression on his face. I can’t believe I didn’t think to take a photo of her and the tooth!

Then, on our ride home, I came across someone’s laundry in the middle of the road. This time I did think to pull over and take out my camera and snap a picture. And just as I do this an elderly gentlemen emerges from his house. He tells me that it’s from his neighbor that pulled off and unknowingly to the driver this fell out of the vehicle. As he approached the strewn items he questions the content and when I look closer it’s women’s underwear including several thongs. If I could have captured his face when he realized what they were, oh my gosh so so funny. I’d love to see the neighbor when she realizes that he picked it all up for her (I did help but just picked up the socks since touching underwear of unknown origin is just gross).

Are you my mother?

Are you my mother?

And one final bit of randomness for the day. We stopped at the library and in the parking lot resides a sweet gum tree. How I hated the one we had in Virginia Beach. The dang prickly balls would litter our yard making mowing and walking around in flip flops challenging and sometimes painful. I assumed that these trees only grew in the south but have now been proven wrong. When I looked down I found this little blue fuzzy pom pom that looked so much like the sweet gum seeds, it was as if the pom pom had searched far and wide to find its family. It made me think of a Dr. Seuss (or in this case, P.D. Eastman) or Shel Silverstein book.


13 thoughts on “Random

  1. What a great – and fun! – post! 🙂
    Loved that Becky’s Angels pic when I saw it on Instagram.
    We have sweet gum trees around here, too, but I never knew what they were called. Greg and the kids call the prickly little balls “monkey balls”… NO clue why!
    Oh, and touching (dirty) socks is just as gross 😉

    • Thanks! The laundry appeared to be clean. The socks were folded and paired together. They must have been in that drawer and they were moving or donating the contents.

  2. I love this post! Random blog posts are often the most interesting and entertaining, and I just love the way you presented this day. The two captions you used (Becky’s Angels and Are you my mother?) are just perfect.

  3. Such interesting stories throughout your day! Love that! Also…adoring all your pics of the sweetgum balls…or as like to call them, ‘sweet gumballs’. You know that’s the name of my business, so I adore anything with sweetgum seed pods in them! They are just fun! But not fun to step on, at all. I landed in emergency one time from stepping on one and couldn’t get it out of my toe. At least I can smile about today! 🙂 Happy Sunday Becky!

  4. What a nice and FUN read! I chuckled at the laundry story… 😉

    I also loved your tale of the woman in Target. I really believe that older adults just want to be ‘seen’ and so, if anyone gives them the slighest inclination (a smile or nod) they arer quick to speak. I have had many an interesting conversation! How interesting your encounter ended up being. Randomn? Hmmm, I’m not sure. Could be just what you needed that day.

    I actually enjoy the ‘insignificant’. There is much around us, often taken for granted. With so much minutia (such as, celebrity news, political news or sports feats that really amounts to NOTHING), many of the precious things can get lost. Keep your eyes out…you’ve already found some good things and have merely scratched the surface! 🙂

  5. Love this post, all the stories – and the fuzzy pom pom among the prickly balls! Great job capturing the funny randomness that is probably in all our lives if we slow down enough to notice.

    • That’s what I love about photography! My husband thinks I’m missing things because I’m always behind the camera and not “experiencing” moments but I think I’m seeing even more because I’m looking for the details.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this!

    Isn’t it so great running into very random things like the lady with the tooth and the fuzzy blue pom pom? I’m convinced that these are the things that make life so wonderful and fun. 😀

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