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Rather last minute, I think on January 1, I decided to do a 365 project. I’ve committed to taking a photo a day for 365 days or 366 as is the case with 2012. I haven’t committed to this in the past because I don’t want to feel as if I have to take a shot each day which could quite possibly result in forced and uninspired images. Plus, I think it would take the joy out of photography for me. What’s different this year is that I have the iPhone that I’m also using to take daily shots and sometimes I will count these as my shot of the day.

Mayfly farm (barn)

May Fly Farm



1st born


I’m posting each photo to Flickr and will share some of my favorites here.


15 thoughts on “365+1

  1. I thought I would try too with regular and iphone pics but I’m not feeling super confident. I’m definitely scrounging some days. Winter will be tough. We need to chat so you can inspire me!

    • Would love to! I’m taking a lot of inspiration from different Flickr groups for example… Worms Eye View Sunday, Bench Monday, Me Again Monday, In the Picture, Purple Tuesday, Bokeh Wednesday, From Where I Stand, Cheers to Your Weekend, Fence and Flair Friday, Shadowboxing, plus more. They all help me think of something to photograph. Stella seems to pop up in a lot of them too.

  2. Have fun with your project! I did this 4 years ago – mine was a 366 too! Hard to believe it was that long ago already. I did run into what you are talking about – having days where I took very uninspired shots- but I think I learned a lot finding inspiration in places I might not have looked. Love the tea cup shot!

  3. They’re beautiful!
    I’ve been doing the 365 (or 366) project since I’ve started my blog, but I’m not TAKING a picture every day (in part for the reasons you mentioned), and it’s more about POSTING a picture a day.

  4. You are off to a good start! If I may interject, forcing yourself to shoot each day actually is a very good lesson. It teaches you to find good photos in unlikely places, it teaches you to realize that not every day will yield a perfect shot, you will hone your photo skills AND will learn humility (for those ‘notsoinspiredorperfect’ images. You learn more on the days where you are less than successful than on those where inspiration comes easily. Do the best you can. I’ll be here rooting you on. 🙂

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