More from my 365+1 project


{I’m sitting here waiting for it to warm up a bit before I go for a run, our snow that we received on Saturday took a beating overnight with the rain. Morning temps are above freezing but there are still icy spots as witnessed by my son falling in the driveway while waiting for the bus. I do not need an injury to derail me from my training.}

The shot above was taken with my Lensbaby lens and it gives the illusion of snow but, in fact, was taken on a 60 degree January day.

Bench flare

I have found the most beautiful light where my son goes to school. In the fall it was early morning sunrises and now it’s the setting sun.

A little lighthearted lunch

A reflection from a martini glass. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day cards? (or would the school frown on that? j/k)

Fun Chucks

Love my Chucks.

Winter Quince

More proof of this odd winter we are having, my quince budding.


8 thoughts on “More from my 365+1 project

  1. I find myself wondering which school that is – can’t think of one in town with all that water; unless that’s a frozen-over wet field?
    That’s a prettty neat effect with the lensbaby.

  2. Stunning pictures! I really love the light in the second picture.

    And this really is such a strange winter, isn’t it? It’s supposed to reach the 50’s where I live by Wednesday. How strange. But I’ll take it. πŸ˜‰

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