Meme's Birthday Weekend

I’m taking Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers class and it is so great, extremely motivational. It really gets my creative juices flowing. This recent lesson was on creating storyboards. The prompt was to capture a day in the life but really any collection of photos would do. I had some time this morning to create a few and it was so fun. Kim created these storyboards for Photoshop and shared them and a tutorial on how they work with the class participants. The storyboards in this post are comprised of Instagram photos taken with my iPhone and are low-resolution. Here’s a tip if you are an IG user… if you don’t want to share your photo with your IG contacts change your settings to Airplane Mode and proceed as normal with IG. You will receive a message that the photo failed to upload but that’s okay, it’s been saved to your camera roll.

This past weekend we went to New Hampshire to spend time with family and celebrate my mom’s birthday. As always it was a great, fun-filled family time. I found a recipe on Pinterest for birthday martinis which turned out to be pretty good. We left out the cherry.

Ski Gunstock 2012

One day was reserved for skiing. It has not been a good year for skiing in the northeast with the lack of snow and warm temperatures. My kids hadn’t been on skis for a year and were very rusty. Griffin, the oldest, caught on pretty quickly but Casey was much slower and very cautious. I made a very bad decision to follow everyone else to the top of the mountain and paid the price when it took Casey over an hour to ski down, a trip that would normally take me about 7 min. Let’s just say there were several parenting moments that I’m not proud of. Casey did go back to the bunny hill where he improved immensely and ended the day on a positive note. He says that there is no way he will go back to the top of that mountain until he’s 18.

Tomorrow I’ll share another storyboard of photos taken with my Canon.

6 thoughts on “Storyboards

  1. This is so much fun and beautiful ! I don’t have Photoshop, I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X4 and there is a section in the book on storyboards. You can be sure that I’ll learn how to make these !

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