Stella Storyboard

This storyboard was inspired by this post (check out the adorable puppy!) on Pioneer Woman by Miz Booshay. I did as she suggested with my camera settings and as she predicted many of the shots were blurry or the focus was off and even empty of Stella’s presence because she’s so fast. However, I did capture many of the silly faces that she makes and the ears, the EARS! They are so funny standing straight up. If you look closely at a few of these photos it looks like she’s having a conversation with me, one where she is getting a wee bit surly.

Brown dog

This photo I liked so much that I had to let it stand alone. Her eyes are truly amazing and tricky to photograph because if the focus isn’t spot on the entire picture is flawed (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before). Dark brown eyes are much more forgiving.


7 thoughts on “Stellaboard

    • Stella is one GORGEOUS pooch! AND, a wonderful subject for a story board. Must be difficult NOT to photograph her all day long! πŸ™‚

      (FYI: was having trouble entering a comment the regular way so I needed to reply to someone elses. No idea why…no issues on other blogs. Strange, huh?)

  1. Aw! So cute. Do you ever imagine or voice out loud Stella’s supposed thoughts or words? We do it all the time with the dogs, usually in silly, dopey sounding voices.

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