Today I had a little fun with foam letters. I purchased these for another project that I’m working on… another online photography class… hopefully I’ll be able to share the first project next week. I spent over 2 hours preparing and shooting this morning. This afternoon I went outside on this amazing pre-spring day and found more inspiration for the letters.

Did you notice that I changed the blog? I have not been in love with my design and have intended for the longest time to learn how to build my own but until I make the time for that I found this theme that lets me see my photos BIG and places all the other stuff down on the bottom instead of on the side.


6 thoughts on “Words

    • Same here but occasionally people like to comment so when they do they can see my blog. Part of my not blogging as frequently was because I didn’t like the layout. My shui was not fenging.

  1. Yeah!! I noticed you changed the layaout. I don`t like mine either and I`ve changed it several times. Just like you, till the day I learn how to do something of my liking, I`ll use the one I have now or I may change it in some weeks or months … Anyway! I like the one you chose!!

    I like the pictures!! some months ago, I removed the keys from a keyboard for a series of pictures I never took, shame on me but you know that I was busy with other things, that`s my excuse. And today, when I saw the letters, I remembered the keys I still have in a plastic bag. I guess I have no more excuses now!!!

    Have a good start of the weekend !!!

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