Creating Time Capsules

I’m taking another online class, Creating Time Capsules taught by Shutter Sister, Xanthe Berkeley who is the master of taking an ordinary day or moment and making it magnificent. Check out her blog for amazing photo inspiration and don’t leave without watching one of her videos. My motivation in taking this class was to give myself inspiration to take more video. I rarely pull out the video camera, even with the iPhone so conveniently glued in my hand. I think I’ve used the video capability on my Canon once and couldn’t do it again without reading the manual. I take a ridiculous amount of pictures but I also want to remember the voices of my children, the silly things that they say and their mannerisms.

The class is spread out over 4 weeks with 3 projects assigned. Last week was week 1, Creating a photo slideshow. My inspiration came from the changing of seasons, it’s been so mild here this winter and with crocus already in bloom I can feel spring approaching. I hate to tell you how long this one minute slideshow took to create, good thing it is still winter and the garden isn’t demanding attention.

I have so many ideas of what I want to shoot and create next. Also, I think it will be a good way for me to organize my photos especially with the 365 project that I’m working on, I could make a slideshow of my photos at the end of each month. So many possibilities, it’s exciting!

Another little tutorial that was shared and you will see more of on this blog is the animated GIF.

My kids leaving love notes on Grandma’s window, so cute. Not sure Grandma agreed.

12 thoughts on “Creating Time Capsules

  1. This is so very beautiful ! I loved it ! I’m sure it must be very time consuming but it’s worth it, really !
    Loved the I Love You photos, it’s very original !

  2. Oh, this is so unique and lovely! I absolutely adore your video. It instantly put a smile on my face…I love how bright the scene gets, once the sun peaks its head out.

    Thank you for the ongoing inspiration! πŸ˜€

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