It’s Leap Day!

Well, at least for about 50 more minutes here on the East Coast. Just a couple of things to share, first another GIF of my son, Griff (who got a lot of his curls cut off today and he’s not very happy with me because of it!)

And secondly, another video of footage that I took a few weeks ago when we were visiting my sister and her family in New Hampshire. My brother-in-law built an ice rink in his yard by laying down sheets of plastic, constructing retaining walls and filling it with water. This wouldn’t survive here in Massachusetts but in New Hampshire it’s been cold enough to keep it frozen most of the time. When my sister and I were kids growing up in Vermont our yard would occasionally flood in the winter and then freeze creating a temporary ice rink. I have great memories of twirling around our yard with my Dorothy Hamill haircut.


I’m not sure who had more fun, my 72-year-old Dad or the dog. FWIW, I love playing too!


5 thoughts on “It’s Leap Day!

  1. How cool to be able to have your very own ice rink in your yard! That would just be one big puddle here, especially THIS winter!
    Love your little video, too, and Griffin’s leap 🙂
    (I’m sure he’ll get used to his new haircut in a few days… and who knows, his curls might even grow back? Sara’s ringlets were gone forever when I cut them off 😦 )

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