Creating Vintage Photo Effects

‘Before’ Edit: square crop and “Slight Lighten” Pioneer Woman Photoshop Action

We just got back from a week in colorful, warm, and sunny Florida. I took a lot of photos (surprise!) that will take me forever to cull through especially with the added distraction of temperatures forecasted to be in the 70’s(!) this week. Sorting through my Google Reader the past two days led me to find this awesome and easy Photoshop tutorial. The tutorial, created by Angie Muldowney, gives instructions on how to create vintage photo effects using ‘Selective Color’ adjustments in Photoshop. There are many times that I’d like to adjust the color of the bright blue sky in my shots to be just a little softer or to be able to mimic Instagram filters. Check out Angie’s site for free Instagram-style Photoshop actions. I love the generosity of so many bloggers sharing their mad Photoshop skilz.

‘After’ Edit: Selective Color adjustment

And from Ft. Myers Beach…

‘Before’ Edit: “Slight Lighten” Pioneer Woman Photoshop Actions

‘After’ Edit: Selective Color adjustment

Update: I just came across this Vintage Processing tutorial along with a Vintage Photoshop action. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

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