For the birds

Two posts in one day! Unheard of around here but I wanted to share this fun, easy project. My friend Michelle stopped by this morning to see Stella (yes, ’tis true) and told me about a project that she came across on Pinterest. Her and her daughter had completed it just this morning. All you need is a suet feeder and yarn, cut the yarn into 4″ and 8″ strips and place them in the suet feeder then hang it outside for the birds to utilize in building their nests.

For the birds (2)

It adds nice color to the landscape.

For the birds

There’s going to be some pretty stylin’ birds nests in these parts.


8 thoughts on “For the birds

  1. This is pretty cool! Be sure to let us know if you see birds making use of it. I should have suet feeder around too – I stopped putting out suet when the starlings and grackles wiped out the cakes in no time.

  2. Oh, I am soooo doing this!! Now that my birds are all fat from eating all the edible birdhouses, I might as well give them something to make their nests all cozy! Wonderful idea!

    RE: dryer lint….DON’T put out dryer lint for birds. Dryer lint isn’t recommended for nesting materials because it can contain synthetic fibers not good for the birds. Also, the lint tends to be porous and will stay damp long after it’s rained on in the nest. Cotton thread and yarn, not longer than 6 to 8 inches, work well as do feathers from an old down pillow and butcher’s twine.

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