Green Day


Ranunculus are one of my very favorite flowers, their paper thin petals are so delicate. I’ve never grown them but first discovered this flower at the Boston Flower show several years ago. Now I can only find them in a bouquet at Trader Joe’s which, unfortunately, is not close by.

In my Beyond Layers class from Kim Klassen we are celebrating a color week, each day will focus on capturing an individual color. Monday was green and here are my captures.

The grass is starting to green up.

These are simply horrible early season weeds that pop up all over my yard and when they go to seed and you brush by them the seeds spring in every direction.

My garden bench gives me color all winter long.

Dewkeh. Or dewy grass lit by the rising sun.


11 thoughts on “Green Day

  1. Rebecca! (I’ll just call you Wrecka… 🙂 ) Amazing photographs. Simply stunning. They’re very simple and neat, yet well-thought out, and so happy. Perfect for spring!

    • I like them BIG! I don’t take all these photos and then take the time to edit them to post a puny image. Are they too big for your computer screen? They look fine on my Mac and iPad but haven’t seen it on a PC.

      • Ha! Well, not too big for my screen (it is HUGE) but yes, too big for my explorer window. I can’t see all of each image…have to scroll Your images are 7.25″ high x 10.75″ wide on my screen. (IMHO, when images are too large you can’t take it all in).

  2. Love ranunculus, too! Did we know each other when I posted some on my blog?? They were yellow…. and so much fun to photograph. I can never get enough of dewkeh either 🙂
    Your pictures ARE big, and take up my whole screen, but I don’t think they’re too big (they fit completely and I don’t have to scroll)

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