Not so mellow yellow


This morning, as we stepped outside to wait for the school bus, I was literally blindsided by the sun. I ran back into the house and picked up my camera to capture the magnificent light.

Today’s color for Beyond Layers is yellow. Kim Klassen is opening up this wonderful class for those who were on the fence and unsure whether or not to commit to a full year, she’s starting from the beginning again on April 16. Sign up! I highly recommend it.

Spring yellow

I caught a heck of a lot of flare in the top photo and a larger, more subtle flare in the second… see the big red semi-circle?

Garden art.

Time for these trucks to find new homes, my kids don’t play with them anymore. I suppose I could just put a plant in it.

Tomorrow’s color is pink. I *think* that it will be a tough one for me since I don’t care for the color pink and I have two boys who think that pink is a girl color.


10 thoughts on “Not so mellow yellow

  1. OMG, I have flare envy! That first one is breathtaking. The second one is pretty darn fab as well. I found yellow to be really tough to photograph today. Heading to process now. Hoping there’s something not too embarrassing. 😀

  2. Gorgeous!! Can’t wait what pink brings 🙂
    Which camera did you use for the flares? I find that it’s much easier to capture a flare with my iPad… and oddly, holding it one way will produce a flare, but when I flip it, it will avoid it.

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