Pink it is

Pink tongue

Today’s Beyond Layers prompt is the color pink.  With this shot I have to give most of the credit to my friend Michelle, the same one who stopped by to visit Stella on Sunday and gave me the idea of the yarn/nest/suet project. When I wrote yesterday doubting that I would do well with photographing pink Michelle texted me and said, “How about Stella’s tongue!” Perfect. I had to take Stella on a 4 mile walk to make sure that tongue stayed visible.

Pink magnolia

The magnolias started to open today. I’m not sure which variety this magnolia is but I tend to call it a tulip magnolia. I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking many more photos of this beautiful tree.

The hyacinths are not fully open so the scent is not yet filling my front yard, soon.

I don’t own many items of pink clothing so when I woke this morning I had an ah ha moment (before coffee so it was real good), my pj’s are pink! These are, of course, my Red Sox pj’s and in the blur you can see my new rhinestone flip flops purchased in Ft. Myer’s, Florida at the new Red Sox JetBlue stadium. This warm weather that we are presently having makes me want to watch baseball but the real season hasn’t even started yet, 15 more days.

14 thoughts on “Pink it is

  1. You did it! I knew you would. 🙂

    Of course, Stella’s tongue is AWESOME. She is such a beautiful dog. Love the magnolia too…so pretty against the pale blue sky.

    Hubby went to FL for Red Sox Spring Training, too! However, HE didn’t come back with rhinestone flip flops… 😉

  2. You found pink! 🙂 I don’t think I own anything pink either…just not my color.
    LOVE the magnolias! They’re very rare around here, but we have plenty of the Southern Magnolia.

  3. Go SOX! I can barely wait for the season to begin.
    Love your pink choices – Stella’s tongue is a lot of fun! I can’t believe the blooms you’ve got already, ‘specially since you’re only a few miles away!

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