Blue is better

Jelly Belly ~ Blue

I had absolutely no trouble with the color blue, in fact it was hard to stop.

Blueberry pie

Blueberry pie.

Blue Cosmo. The waiter asked me why I was inquiring after a blue drink, “So I can take a picture of it, duh.”

Magnolia, again.

This cobalt blue pot will hold the most stunningly blue hydrangeas in the summer.

I wish that all days were this clear!

I wish that every day could be like today, gorgeously clear, sunny and 80-something. Although if they were I would never amount to anything productive.

6 thoughts on “Blue is better

  1. I love the first image, it is stunning. I had a much harder time with blue, believe it or not. There’s plenty of it in the house, but it was much harder to get into a nice image, I thought. Your finds are awesome!

  2. The bokeh on Blue Cosmo is crazy good–nice big shapes in that one. Kissing the frame with the dish on Jelly Belly was smart–love the empty blue third to the left. The big blocks and pot shapes in Cobalt Blue work together really well, too.

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