Red Hot

I like red, my kitchen is accessorized in red, but I found it challenging to find images to capture in red. I had to think hard on this one.

Red Solo Cup

Have you heard the song, Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith? Searching for the video on Youtube I’ve just watched it for the first time and it’s hilarious. Also, it’s the second time I’ve ever heard the song. The photo above is dedicated to my Dad who sings the songs’ title over and over. The first time I heard the song in its entirety was while we were we were in Florida at Universal Studios and Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant. The entertainer announced that he was going to sing the song even though he didn’t like it and everyone hollered for joy and then proceeded to sing along. In order to make this image authentic I had to pour myself a beer though it was a Harpoon Celtic Ale and not a Budweiser, I’ll only go so far to sacrifice for my art.

There was a whole little world of some kind of bug crawling around on the top of this fire hydrant.

Red, Red Wine

Taking another one for the team or at least the art… a glass of Pinot Noir. Now this is cool if I do say so myself, the trees, sky, clouds and sun reflected in the wine but I’ve got to perfect it. Although the top 1/3rd of the glass is clean the blurry reflecting bokeh makes it appear to be dirty. I took this at f/2.5 and should have experimented with other apertures but I ran out of time and light. I’m looking forward to many more experiments on this subject matter.


9 thoughts on “Red Hot

  1. Red is my hardest color, just can’t get it right. Followed by yellow. Blue is the easiest, followed by green. The refraction in the wine is fascinating–keep doing that! Strawberries made me smile.

    • Red and yellow are difficult. In the strawberry shot my only edit was a slight sharpen, I think the reds came out pretty well. Have you tried shooting in RAW? I find that creates more realistic reds and yellows. Thanks for your comments!

      • I usually shoot jpegs, ’cause my old Nikon D50 takes a max 2GB card. I’ve shot RAW when the photo really counts, and I recently shot RAW for a week or so, just to experiment. I always have the VIVID enhancement on in my Nikon, so I could see a stark difference between the jpegs and the RAW frames–the jpegs were a lot more “vivid.” But I could see there was more detail to work with in editing the RAW. I’ll try that when I’m attempting red and yellow next. Thanks for the suggestion. I really like your style.

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  3. Love your reds, especially the strawberries (yum!!) and the wine glass.
    Red used to be my least favorite color as a kid… HATED it!! Now I actually like it and own lots of red things 🙂

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