A visitor

When I’m seated at my computer I can see the front yard reflected in the screen, so I see when people walk by or when Stella chases a squirrel. Basically you can’t sneak up on me from the front of the house. So yesterday I’m sitting at my computer when I see something odd in the bottom right-hand corner of my screen, this time I do turn around and look out the window to confirm that it was as I expected EVIL GARDEN VERMIN! I immediately grab my 100-400mm lens and run for my camera to switch out lenses then to the front window where I snap several pics.

He/she is pretty nonchalant just sitting there in a front yard full of Stella smell.

I wouldn’t advise exploring here, it is not in your best interest.

It’s looking a tad bit thin so I’m thinking it has recently emerged from hibernation (I bet it ran back into the den today it was so dang cold).

This is the MacDaddy of all groundhog shots, he/she is sprinting across our driveway and I get a successful pan shot without even trying to pan PLUS it looks like the groundhog is doing a yoga pose. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Finally, here is the shot where Stella sees the groundhog and barks her crazy head off. Stella is inside the house going ballistic, the groundhog freezes then turns and runs into the woods across the street to hopefully never be seen again on our property. In the groundhog vs. garden wars the groundhog doesn’t stand a chance.

6 thoughts on “A visitor

  1. “Evil Garden Vermin”…LOL! Probably figured it was so damn cold out no one would be around to catch his little romp through your yard! These guys can do ALOT of damage for sure. We had one living under our small shed for a VERY short time period (we blocked the entrance holes when we knew it was out of the den). It took out a whole line of daylilies my neighbor had JUST planted (she was not pleased). I’m sure Stella now has this critter on her radar!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are fabulous. I love groundhog yoga pose. That is hilarious! And the one before it looks like commando groundhog. tee hee I hope you’re successful in keeping it out of your garden. I would hate to see Stella have a run-in with it. Those groundhogs are pretty vicious. Good luck!

  3. Oh those groundhogs are indeed evil in the garden! I remember one year when my mom had one terrorizing hers. I’ve never seen anything like that make an attempt on my yard – my dogs would be going totally bonkers too if they had seen that! Your “MacDaddy” shot is too funny! Hard to imagine a groundhog sprinting!

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