Harvesting in March!


This may be what that rascally groundhog was looking for, asparagus ready to be harvested, in March! That’s just not right.

March was unusually warm for New England, according to the newspaper the average temperature was 10 degrees above normal, for 4 consecutive days temperatures were 30 degrees above average. Albeit enjoyable it’s wreaked havoc with nature and growth as temperatures have rebounded to near normal.

Since that warm spell, overnight temperatures have dipped to well below freezing. I had to resort to covering the asparagus with these pots which seemed to do the trick as the asparagus did survive.

Other plants like this rhubarb are hardy enough to withstand the freezing temps.

However, my magnolia tree was not so lucky. 😦

9 thoughts on “Harvesting in March!

  1. The magnolias in my area didn’t fair well, either. 😦

    Nature takes away but also gives. I think she is trying to appease your magnolia loss with early asparagus! For thos who roast/grill asparagus…a little bit of sugar added along with salt and olive oil makes a HUGE difference in flavor!

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