A few pieces

Honey Bee

I’ve been working on a few pieces of jewelry, some for me, some for gifts and some for the shop. The above I made for myself, I have several small bracelets including these really cute recycled flip flop bracelets which you can find here and I just needed one more to fill it all in. I found the adorable bee charms a couple weeks ago and they sat in the clutter on my creative table just waiting for inspiration to hit. And hit it did, I recalled that I had these honey jasper nuggets, just the right amount which couldn’t have been more perfect.

This necklace that I made for my wonderful friend who hosted us on Sanibel Island in Florida a few weeks ago. I am so behind in posting the Florida photos, I took a ton and I want to make a little movie out of them that I hope to share one day soon. The shell for this necklace was found on the beach, I don’t think it’s a special shell but it had a perfect hole that made assembly pretty easy.

This bracelet which is inspired by the beach, I made one for my Sanibel friend and one for my shop, you can find it here.

Finally, this bracelet, a favorite of mine, can also be found in my shop.


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