May Day

Lilac love

One of my favorite flowers are the lilac. I’ve loved lilacs ever since I pulled the only bud off my mom’s lilac shrub many years ago, she still hasn’t forgiven me. Lilacs like the bitter cold winters and will reward us here in the northeast with a gorgeous show in the spring. Right now mine are in peak bloom.

When I got married 16 years ago this spring my mom and I, along with a family friend, cut lilacs from a huge yard full of lilac trees. The lilacs were the centerpiece of my bouquet and they adorned a trellis which we were married nearby. I have a HUGE affinity for lilacs.

When we moved here 6 years ago there were small lilac shrubs surrounding an electrical box that housed the underground wires for our neighborhood. Those shrubs are now trees! They surround the box and tower over the mailbox. As you can imagine, the short walk to the mailbox is smelling pretty good this time of year.

Yesterday, when I went to retrieve the mail I was stopped not only by the scent but also by the sound of 100’s of busy bees. I took a video so you could also experience the beauty. Not only will you hear the bees but also a woodpecker, birds and my wind chimes. I’m only sorry that I can’t send you the amazing scent.

6 thoughts on “May Day

  1. When I was a child, I HATED lilacs. The scent was simply overwhelming to me and my mom would ALWAYS cut a huge bunch of lilacs from our tree and plop them in a vase on our kitchen table. The whole house would stink! As an adult, I’ve learned to like them, tho, I only bring in a stem or two at a time. I do like the air outside scented with lilacs (some varieties are more pleasant than others) and the flowers are certainly beautiful! We have a purple one and my neighbor has a mauve, a white and a deep purple. All are just about to ‘pop’. I hope they wait until Sunday so they don’t get any bloom damage from the rain. Your pink lilacs are gorgeous! 🙂

  2. A lovely, lovely post ! The photos are very beautiful, I love the first one very much. My lilacs will bloom only in a month !

  3. Something else we have in common! I love, love, love lilacs. Have them lining my driveway and corners of my house. I feel like mine are less showy than last year though. I think they got stuck in the same pause that caught my rhododendron-azaleas. They started budding like crazy in the crazy warmth we had in March, then slowed way down in April when it cooled off again. They are blooming, but not in the crazy abundance I had last year. Your photos are beautiful.

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