Lining up ~ Picture Black and White


This week I started another class in the “Picture” series, Picture Black and White. Seeing images in black and white is not instinctual to me, I love color entirely too much that it’s a real struggle to take an image and strip it of its color. Then, with it being spring, it makes it even harder because our world is bursting with color. But I’m up for the challenge. The first image above is my warm-up before the first prompt was sent to our inbox. That clematis is a brilliant magenta, I think that making it black and white brings out the details.

Lining Up

Our first prompt was “Lining Up”. I was in search of lines and I saw them everywhere.

Drip Line

The above, of course, is my favorite. My oldest has dreams of becoming a rockstar and he’s off to a good start. Friday night he had a middle school jazz band concert that was so much fun to watch. He’s growing up entirely too fast. Ack! I’m embedding the video of one of his songs played at the concert for relatives who read my blog.

6 thoughts on “Lining up ~ Picture Black and White

    • Thanks, Tracy! The clematis here, that I didn’t plant, blooms all summer. Thank you for the comments regarding the song, I can’t wait to see/hear what they play next year.

  1. It`s amazing what we see when we are focused on something. Once I was looking for circles, and after a while, I saw circles everywhere!!!
    I love the drops and the portrait !!!

  2. Wow, Becky, those first two photos are AMAZING!!! Anyone who says flower photos have to be in color has never seen one in black & white!
    Will come back later to watch the video 🙂

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