3 for the Taking

Dust. Dust. Dust. Only that would imply that I actually dust anything which I generally don’t.

This space needs a little life. I think I’ve lacked direction so with a new focus and idea I’m on track to bring it back from it’s present state of neglect.

I’ve still been shooting everyday for my 365 project with both my dslr and iPhone. You can see the dslr photos and some iPhone photos here on Flickr.

I’ve also added another camera to the mix, a Polaroid One Step. Film is coming back into favor with many photographers, check out this post by Mortal Muses which includes an instant photo of mine (the pumpkins), lucky for me vendors at the Brimfield Antique Show haven’t caught on. I found two of these cameras, one for $10 and the other for $20 and they both work! Polaroid no longer makes the film but it can be found online from The Impossible Project.

I pretty much always have both my dslr and iPhone on hand. And on special occasions I like to add the Polaroid into my bag (note to self: call a chiropractor). 3 for the Taking posts are going to be photographs taken with each camera from 3 different perspectives, sometimes there may be just 3 photos posted but I’m not going to limit myself if there are a couple of others that I’d like to share. The number 3 just represents the three different cameras.

I definitely couldn’t let a year go by without visiting The Big E, New England’s largest fair. Lots of great and interesting food (fried Oreo’s anyone?) and plenty of photo opportunities.

Canon 7D

The Big E



Polaroid One Step

Ferris Wheel

I have a few other fun photo projects to share including my place in the latest Dave Matthews Band video, for real! In my previous post I was asked if I’m getting paid for my submissions, let’s just say that I’m not getting rich. For this hobby of mine to get recognized by organizations that I admire is certainly thrill enough for now.


16 thoughts on “3 for the Taking

  1. Gorgeous photos, and what a fun new project to undertake. I must say, though, that swing in the second shot looks SCARY high!

  2. Hi Becky! Welcome back! I used to have a Polaroid like that when I was a kid. I have a photo album lying around the house here somewhere (was just looking for it the other day and couldn’t find it) of almost all Polaroid pictures that I took when I was about 13 years old. Love the shots from the Big E – I didn’t make it over there this year.

  3. So happy you’re back! Want to thank you for the invite to that photo shoot out at Quabbin next weekend. Sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately, because of the major traffic jams on the Pike due to all the leaf peepers, I’m thinking of taking Tuesday, the 16th off and heading out there. My son has a concert at UMass Amherst that night so I’m hoping to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Would love to meet you at some point. Please let me know of any other photo walks out in your area. Until then, I look forward to all your wonderful photos here!

  4. Love this premise…and the first examples are fantastic!
    I have a One Step but have never tried Impossible Project film…You have inspired me to dust off my blog too:)

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