Graffiti knitting

I was on my way home from picking up Prozac for our aging cat who is having trouble living with two very active male kittens that don’t understand why she won’t play with them. The old cat, she’s 16, has been hiding in closets and peeing in them as well as using many different places in the house for her litter box just so she doesn’t have to be confronted by the two bullies. I’ve had her tested for ailments and diseases but the $$ report is that she’s healthy. Plus, we have three litter boxes so it’s not that there’s not enough room for her stuff. So we’re going to give Prozac a try, by the end of this post you may be wondering who really needs the Prozac.

The Compound Pharmacy where I had to pick up the Prozac is a few towns away and I had to travel a road that I don’t frequently travel. While I was driving down a busy street bright colors at a bus stop caught my eye and I glanced quickly to the side of the road where people were standing and waiting for the bus and I thought just maybe that I had found my very first yarn bombing!. Check out the link but basically yarn bombing is a type of street art where a public object is covered in brightly colored knitted yarn. I was torn between turning around to confirm that yes, in fact it was a yarn bomb! or picking my son up from school on time. Of course, the mother in me beat out the photographer and I continued on my way for about 1/4 mile until my phone rang with the sweet voice of my son asking me if he could stay at school for another hour. I did not hollah with joy but said kindly that would be absolutely fine.

So I turned the car around hoping that the bus had come to pick up all of those fine people standing there not noticing the beautiful installation right there in front of them. My wish came true and the bus stop was empty. I parked the car and took almost 100 shots of this gorgeousness.

This first shot is my favorite and gives you the best view of what I’m talking about, it also makes me think of the Beatles album cover for Abbey Road (no? yes? Prozac?).

Graffiti knitting

Yarn bomb bike rack

Impeccable timing with the next two images with the arrival of the bus. Posting both, one with a person emerging and one without the person and the vehicle to the right.

Bus stop yarn bomb

Urban knitting


Upon returning to my vehicle I was greeted by a police officer who was just about to ticket me for parking illegally which I hadn’t done on purpose but, in my excitement, I also hadn’t paid close attention to the parking laws. I apologized profusely and told him that I was just taking photos of yarn! He smiled and forgave me.

8 thoughts on “Graffiti knitting

  1. Becky,

    I love the Graffiti knitting! I wanted to tell you that my oldest granddaughter, Sasha, walked in NYC for Alzheimer’s recently. She just posted pictures on her Facebook page. That is how I found out. We speak by phone or e-mail, but not that often because she is a busy one.

    Also, my friend for whom I bought a bracelet is not dexterous enough to fasten the loop. She was wondering, andy maybe I could do it, if there was a material that was elastic that I could buy and attach so she can wear it easily. I know you are very busy, so when you have a minute, let me know.

    I love receiving your e-mail postings. Love to you all.


    Roberta Yecies Herman W. Yecies Inc. NJ Engineering and Supply PO Box 6186 West Orange NJ 07052 973-736-7362 phone 973-731-6146 fax SBA CERTIFIED SMALL WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS

  2. That yarn bombing is very cool! What a great idea! As for your cat, sorry to hear that she’s depressed. I can sympathize, it’s hard keeping up with the young!

  3. I’ve seen some amazing yarn bombing on line but the only time I’ve seen some myself is in Cambridge near my daughter’s house…It’s a little knitted flag on a sidewalk sign pole….nothing like this! I’m glad you stopped to document it (without getting a ticket:)

    Have you tried feline pheromes for your cat with issues? Someone on IG recommended it for Molly when she was having a hard time adjusting and I got some….To tell you the truth I’m not sure if it worked or if it was just a matter of time but she did improve while I was using them them. Reading about them it looks like they are used mostly for cats who have anxiety issues for one reason ore another. Tehy are kind of pricey I thought but if it works it would be worth it…

  4. Too funny on the yarn thing! Never heard of it. It looks like someone put socks on the bike racks. What town was this in?
    Hope the kitty is doing better!

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