3 for the Taking

3 for the Taking posts are blog posts with photographs taken with 3 different cameras from 3 different perspectives, sometimes there may be just 3 photos posted and others there may be more. The number 3 represents the three different cameras.

What to do with nervous energy? Perhaps a blog post?  One where I bring up past natural disasters while waiting on pins and needles for the next. Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us, right now we are only feeling the outside fringes of light rain and wind. The kids are off school in anticipation of dangerous conditions and I’m waiting for them to wake up so we can do one last run for supplies in anticipation of being without power for perhaps days. Remember this? It was just one year ago that Snowtober smacked us leaving us without power for over 3 days and many of our neighbors for several more. Mother Nature is once again threatening Halloween. I keep thinking what is the lasting effect on our kids? Their normal is living in a world of natural disasters. In my 40+ years on earth I had never experienced any prior to June 2011 and now my kids have four (tornado, “microbursts”, Irene, Snowtober) and with the approaching Sandy five. I’m a firm believer in global warming but I wonder what the non-believers think? It’s all a big coincidence?

On June 1, 2011, the morning of the tornadoes that hit our town I went for a walk with Stella and a friend, we stopped on Main Street in front of a property with a barn I have admired since living here, I mentioned to my friend how much I adore this old barn, the structure with what appeared to be an oil stain treatment. The owner was in back of the barn mowing the lawn, he could barely be seen through all the trees. Fast forward through the afternoon and all the trees are down, some of them on the barn damaging it but luckily not beyond repair. I’ve read somewhere that this barn dates back a couple hundred years (maybe even more). This past summer they made the final repairs and after trying to stain it again they decided upon a different look.

Recently I knocked on their door and asked them if they minded if I took a few photos of their barn. They were very kind and said to go right ahead.


Here you can get a great visual of the trees and what was left one year after the tornado. I regret that I don’t have a ‘before’ photo.

Main Street Barn (iPhone)


And here you can imagine what it really looked like 100+ years ago.

Main Street Barn (Polaroid)

Canon 7D

Prior to the storm this outhouse wasn’t even visible from the sidewalk/street and to be honest I never took notice of it until I stepped onto their property for these photos.

The facilities

I’m so grateful to the owner’s of this property for granting me the permission to photograph this beautiful place. I guess I was feeling brave on this particular day because I walked down the street and knocked on another door and actually was granted a tour and a very interesting discussion. That will be my next 3 for the Taking post.

2 thoughts on “3 for the Taking

  1. I It would really be difficult for me to ask permission to take pictures and I admire you for stopping and doing it! These are worth whatever it took for sure. Boy that iphone sure takes a good picture! Love the polaroid especially!

  2. These 3 for the taking posts are very cool. I love seeing the different perspectives.
    It is interesting to think of all the natural disasters our kids are experiencing in such a short time. They did seem fewer and far between when we were kids: the Blizzard of ’78 and Hurricane Gloria in ’85 for example. I’ve also thought about how young the kids were for 9/11 and how their world has always been one on alert for acts of terrorism. *Sigh* Sorry, really didn’t mean to get melancholy. Been doing some reminiscing with photos today – gets the mind going in many directions.

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