What I’m doing…

I’m winding down with my 365(366) project. I’ll have a new focus in the new year and that will include more blogging since I won’t have to take and edit a photo(s) every day. My 365(366) has brought so much into my life without even trying, just snapping pictures every day.

Lately I am cherishing this:

Hand stack

(On Friday)
Hand Stack
It’s a game we play, one that’s been played for 100’s of years I imagine, where we stack alternating hands (usually all 6) on top of one another. We start off slowly by placing the bottom hand on top of the top hand and after a short while we begin to speed up, it goes faster and faster until it’s utter chaos which then turns into a sissy fight. I got to do this with my kids tonight.

Holiday cooking with Grandma

Holiday cooking with Grandma
They love to make cookies and cupcakes with Grandma.


Day 12 of Advent

They love Peachwave and their make-your-own yogurt sundaes.

I envy and I celebrate their innocence.

I envy and celebrate their innocence.

Light a candle

I am cherishing each and every moment, not that I don’t normally but recently it’s with intensity.

4 thoughts on “What I’m doing…

  1. Lovely photos and sentiment, Becky.
    Where is Peachwave? I’ve just recently found that we have a Yogurt City in the area but I haven’t been in to try it yet.

  2. I keep trying to start blogging again but something always holds me back it seems…I don’t have that problem with posting a daily photo yet:) I will look foward to following your blog because I know I will get inspiration here!

    May you have a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling New Year!

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