52 week – Landscapes

Hello! Happy 2013! I’m still here snapping away.

Last spring I took a day long photography class with my sister. It was a class that I had purchased with a Groupon and even though a lot of the material was best meant for new photographers I did absorb a thing or two like don’t leave triangles in the corners of your images. It was nice to get away and hang out with my sister who I credit with getting me into digital photography. Now I’m trying to lure her back into the habit of picking up her camera, she’s not found the time for much photography with family and a busy job which is too bad because she’s got skilz. The same instructor that taught the class is hosting a 52 week challenge where he gives us a prompt for the week and we post our image to a Flickr group. Hopefully my sister will be able to find the time to join in.

So far, after 3 weeks, I’ve found that I don’t take one image for the prompt, I’m able to come up with a few but choose my favorite to submit to the group. The prompt for week 1 was landscapes. There is a road a couple of miles away from my house where I love to go for inspiration. The first image is my submission to the group.


Winter barn

Winter farm

It’s my goal to keep up with all 52 weeks right here on this blog. Hold me to it, k? Maybe I can get my sister to share some of her work too.

9 thoughts on “52 week – Landscapes

  1. You know, I saw this on your FB page (or maybe your flickr?) and wanted to join in so I could get some inspiration, but the contact e-mail seemed not to work. Oh well, I’ll just sit here and enjoy your lovely photos. : )

    • Thanks, Rebecca! It was hard to choose since I love color so much and the red barn and blue sky was so appealing. I think it was the composition of the black and white image that won me over.

  2. I need some inspiration to pick up my camera again….can’t seem to find it though. Inspiration, that is, I know where I’ve left my camera πŸ˜‰
    Love that first one!! And the barn…bet it looks really pretty in the spring and summer, too, when everything around it is green.

  3. I just love the photo of the cows all furry for winter. Is that in Hampden?
    I can understand Michaela’s inspiration issue. I feel the same lately. Several of the blogs I read have started new photo projects for the year and I wish I had one to be excited about too.

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