12.12.12 ~ One Day on Earth

The good folks at One Day on Earth set out once again to capture the “World’s Story” on 12.12.12 just as they did on 10.10.10 and 11.11.11. I made a half-hearted attempt to join in on 11.11.11 but wasn’t able to produce a decent submission. This time, with the knowledge gained from the Creating Time Capsules class that I took in the spring, I put together a little slice of life with my boys. In May, I had done something similar, creating a time capsule of our spring day that you can re-visit here, an image from this video was selected to be published in the book produced by ADAY.org that I’ll share in a later post. This time I wanted to do something a bit different and decided to choose a holiday theme, each year we celebrate the days leading up to Christmas with an Advent calendar of some sort and this year I wanted to make my life really difficult and give the kids a small gift/token each day (of course they loved it making it worth the effort). The kids were given this amazing Advent house one year and it hadn’t been used since, the gift giver had placed all 24 items in the boxes already and I didn’t have to do a thing. So, this year, instead of another Lego Advent calendar, I decided to make it personal and on 12.12.12 the gift of the day was a trip to Peachwave frozen yogurt shop.

One Day on Earth

First thing you may notice is that the kids don’t seem overly enthused with the proposed outing, honestly they aren’t very outwardly excitable children plus it was first thing in the morning. We were fortunate that there were not many people visiting the shop that day and the young girls behind the counter didn’t think it odd at all that someone would be taking a million photos and video in their shop.

I found the music on the satellite radio station in my car. I listen to the Coffee Shop which plays a lot of acoustic and lesser know artists and when I don’t know the particular artist I can use an app on my iPhone called Soundhound and once started it will identify the artist name and song played just by ‘listening’. I’ve got quite a library for future time capsules. Also know it took two days to complete this time capsule. I have images and video sitting on my computer from our Florida trip last March, our August vacation in Maine and our Christmas tree slaying adventure. I hope to get to them before the weather pulls me outside in the spring.


4 thoughts on “12.12.12 ~ One Day on Earth

  1. This is such a great idea, and I love your video!! Although I had to watch it without sound because I’m the only one awake this early. Will have to watch it again later WITH sound šŸ™‚
    Going to check out SoundHound, too! The radio in my car shows the song title and artist, but only on satellite radio (which we only have a few times a year when they turn it on for free LOL)

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