Week 8 :: 52 week – Stop Action

There’s a local park in town that’s turned somewhat into a dog park. By park I don’t mean fields and trees and benches though it does have that, it’s just not your typical city park. It’s a retired pheasant farm. I’ve posted many photos of the farm before and I’m sure that I’ll continue to find inspiration on the premises. In the summer it’s where the town concerts are held and in the winter it’s the local sledding hill. Throughout the woods there are heavily traveled trails that can take as much as 45 minutes from start to finish. Stella absolutely loves it there as you will see in these photos.







My submission for the Stop Action prompt above.


And, because it was February vacation, I had a human companion along for the journey.


He almost always has food on his face.



No one will ever accuse us of taking life too seriously.

6 thoughts on “Week 8 :: 52 week – Stop Action

  1. You’ve captured adorable expressions here, both on Stella and your son. I’ve wanted to walk the trails there plenty of times but I’ve been too nervous of Teddy’s behavior around other dogs in a public place. He always wants to be the alpha dog.

  2. Heh you…how are you?…lovin’ those pics of Stella and your youngest. Have read all of those books you mentioned except the 19th Wife. I love that many of us have read the same books. I really did enjoy the Language of Flowers….different.

  3. Gorgeous Stella shots! Not sure how you ever got such great exposure with a dark brown and white dog on snow! It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite of these. Nice to have smiling companions with you too:)

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