Week 9 :: 52 week – Music

This prompt was so timely! Both kids had a concert to prepare for so there was plenty of practicing and rehearsals. I did not have to search hard for inspiration.

This image of the bass was the submission to the group. Before I even had a chance to submit the image to the group it reached Explore on Flickr. I’ve never understood how an image gets Explored but what it means is that it’s listed on Flickr’s Explore page and you receive a lot of Favorites and comments on your image. On this one I received over 3,000 views. On an average day I’m usually at or around 28. Sometimes it can mean that you have a great image but I’ve seen some that aren’t so great. So I don’t think it means a whole lot but it’s fun to get your email peppered with comments and favorites. I added a couple textures to the image including sheet music.

1309laflam (The bass)

The cellist.

The cellist

The concert.




3 thoughts on “Week 9 :: 52 week – Music

  1. Beautiful photos Becky! Especially that portrait of your son:) I hope my grandchildren become interested in playing an instrument…how I would love to go to concerts again!

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